Organizational Architecture has had a relationship with the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland for over a decade.  It has been our privilege to work with his terrific organization and its leadership…and to have seen it grow into the major community resource it is today. Since 1975, The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland has been serving the needs of the LGBT+ community in Northeastern Ohio. The Center has had multiple places that it has called home over the past 40 years. Today, you can find them in the heart of the Gordon Square Arts District in their beautiful new building. Their mission is to enrich the lives of the diverse LGBTQ+ community through advocacy, support, education, and celebration. Our work over the years has covered many areas, from drafting employee handbooks, to serving on boards, and being part of the strategic planning process.  We have also been involved with helping The Center select its Executive Directors. Phyllis Harris is the Executive Director.  She said:

Organizational Architecture has supported The Center for many years.  They have been a valuable resource when it comes to helping us with matters related to our staff and management. But one of the biggest areas they have assisted us is in the selection of Executive Directors.  I can speak to this from my own experience of having been part of this process myself.   OA worked with us in 2010 when the previous Executive Director was selected.  Guided by OA, The Center developed a process to source candidates using several sourcing strategies, from the internet to publications that candidates would likely view.  They facilitated the screening process by helping us develop meaningful criteria to review candidate qualifications and selecting community stakeholders as participants whose input was necessary. This process helped The Center select a great candidate.   When the previous Executive Director moved on, I was a Board member. I felt I was ready for the opportunity to lead The Center and submitted myself as a candidate.   Again, OA worked with the rest of the Board, staff, and community stakeholders in the screening and selection process. Happily, I was selected as the new Executive Director, a role I have held since 2012.  The experience I had as a candidate was a good one, and OA made sure the screening and selection process was robust and fair.

We are proud of our relationship with The Center and the work we have done, especially in helping them with key hiring decisions.  If you want to support The Center, you can donate here. Our diverse experience in Human Resources includes non-profit organizations, as well as public-sector entities and private companies. We serve our clients in many ways:

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