We’ve been working with great clients for over 16 years and one of the sectors we’ve done a fair amount of work is in the engineering and architecture space.  Considering ‘Architecture’ is part of our name, it’s not surprising, right? Our latest success story highlights our human resources consulting and the work we do assisting organizations with assessing their hiring, retention, and pay practices. The client is an architecture firm in Cleveland, Ohio.  They are a multi-disciplinary firm led by architecture and supported by engineering and construction services. Their comprehensive services streamline project management and create continuity for their clients. They also provide construction management and services in several engineering disciplines. Their civil engineer department serves as municipal engineers for three northeast Ohio cities. Our project partners were the President and Chief Financial Officer. Our work for them entailed:
  • Defining roles and responsibilities and organizational structure and making recommendations on how to enhance them to operate more efficiently internally while meeting the changing needs of their clients.
  • Analyzing compensation and making recommendations on how to compete more effectively in the marketplace and structure base and incentive programs to be more meaningful.
  • Performed a talent acquisition strategy analysis including a competitive analysis of employer branding, job branding, and messaging to the labor market.
  • Recommendations on ways to communicate and reinforce organizational values using communications, coaching, and performance management.
Mid-sized organizations sometimes struggle with attracting top talent, especially when competing with national or global organizations that have more resources to go after it. Having a clearly and concisely defined employee value proposition with the analysis and tools to back it up can give them the competitive edge they need. Our team of workforce strategy and talent acquisition professionals have diverse experience helping all types of organizations, from private -sector companies to nonprofits and public-sector organizations.  Want to know more?  Check out some of our other success stories and contact us to see how we can help you with your compensation program.