The 2024 Public Library Association Conference is going to be in Columbus Ohio from April 3 to 5 2024.  OA will attend for the first time as an exhibitor and we are excited to be part of this event! The Public Library Association [PLA] is the largest association dedicated to supporting the unique and evolving needs of public library professionals. Founded in 1944, PLA serves nearly 9,000 members in public libraries large and small in communities across the United States and Canada, with a growing presence around the world. PLA offers continuing education opportunities, unique public library initiatives, and a conference that welcomes public library staff into meaningful partnership. In collaboration with its parent organization, the American Library Association, PLA strives to help its members shape the essential institution of public libraries by serving as an indispensable ally for public library workers. We have been PLA members for several years.  The PLA is a tremendous resource to us in our work helping libraries solve their Human Resources and Recruiting needs. If you will be at the conference, stop by our booth [#2629]!  We’re excited to be part of this conference and to see you there! Can’t wait until the conference?  Contact us and check out our updates for more information.