Client success story – Baked goods manufacturer

Client success story – Baked goods manufacturer

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We’ve had the chance to work with many great private-sector companies over the years. In fact, when we started most of our work supported financial services, healthcare, professional services, and manufacturing.  Our latest success story highlights our human resources consulting and the work we do assisting organizations with assessing their pay practices and improving their compensation processes.

The client is a baked goods manufacturer and has facilities all over North America. They make and package cookies, bakery bars, artisanal breads, and many other delicious products.

Our project partner was the Senior Director of Human Resources.  We had the opportunity to work with them in the past when they led the Human Resources function for a local community bank. It was great to work with them again! They said:

We engaged OA to conduct a compensation study for our organization. Their team was incredibly collaborative and worked closely with us to understand our unique needs and goals. One of the key areas we needed help with was benchmarking of all our hourly and salaried positions. This was challenging because we have grown by acquisition and not only had to address the numerous regional differences in pay but also the pay practices that were in place before. OA provided detailed analysis and recommendations that have helped us make informed decisions about pay structures and address geographic differentials.


Additionally, we were impressed with their familiarity with food manufacturing. They had previously conducted work for similar organizations and were able to hit the ground running, leveraging their past knowledge and experience to our advantage.


Throughout the project, OA worked closely with us to locate and assess survey data that was specific to our industry. They understood the importance of having accurate and relevant data to inform our decisions, and they went above and beyond to ensure that we had access to the most current and reliable information. They assisted us in identifying and analyzing relevant compensation surveys and provided guidance on how to interpret and apply the data.

Compensation analysis is an area in which we have deep expertise. Our team of compensation professionals has diverse experience helping both large, private-sector companies to nonprofits and public-sector organizations.  Want to know more?  Check out some of our other compensation projects then contact us to see how we can help you with your compensation program.