Client success story – Upper Arlington Public Library

Client success story – Upper Arlington Public Library

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In 2022 we worked with a number of our clients on several projects simultaneously.  With Upper Arlington Public Library, we helped them with an analysis of their compensation system and in the course of the engagement assisted with refining their staffing philosophy to help meet the needs of the Library and community.

The Upper Arlington Public Library system [Ohio] is comprised of the Main Library, a 60,000 square foot facility located on Tremont Road near the geographic center of the city, the 10,000 square foot Lane Road Branch, approximately three miles to the north, and the 4,400 square foot Miller Park Branch, 1.5 miles south near the center of Old Arlington. The Library’s Mission is to create educational, social, and entertaining experiences to inspire our local community to exploregather, and grow.

Our project partners were Beth Hatch, Library Director, and Julie Whitt, Human Resources Manager. They said:

In addition to the classification and compensation study that was part of the overall project scope, we were seeking a partner to help us identify relevant trends related to the changing nature of the Library workplace and develop tools and processes to create a staffing model for use throughout the Library. This model will take into account staffing levels needed to successfully deliver 21st Century Library services. Staff alignments, reporting relationships and organizational structure were part of the analysis. Additionally, we wanted a partner to work with designated Library staff to design and develop a communication plan regarding the compensation study and staffing forecast.


OA’s thoughtful approach included a number of onsite and offsite interactions with our management team, staff, and trustees to understand us and our needs. They diligently assessed both internal and external factors, clearly showed us what we were doing well, and what we could enhance, and provided us with a roadmap for implementing any changes.


Meaningful to us as well was the fact that their expertise in strategic Human Resources was augmented by having a professional librarian on their team.  Her experience in library operations and management provided valuable insight and truly enhanced their analysis.


The staffing analysis performed by their team was highly effective. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in evaluating our library’s resources and capabilities allowed us to identify strengths and areas for improvement and develop tactics that support the strategic plan to best serve our community.

Our library consulting projects include professional librarians with extensive library management and operations experience. This ensures the solutions we recommend are anchored in the realities of leading a public library system.

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