Client success story – Stark County District Library

Client success story – Stark County District Library

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This month’s success story features our work with Stark County District Library.  We were pleased to have the opportunity to work with another public library after successful projects with Cleveland Public Library and Cuyahoga County Public Library.

Seeking better ways to structure the Library for the benefit of the patrons and define jobs and career paths better for the employees, the Library contacted OA to help revise job descriptions and then provide insight into how competitive their base compensation is.

Shanna Springer, Senior Director of Operations and HR:

Based on work they had done in the past for other public libraries, it was actually our bargaining unit leadership that recommended OA as a partner for this project.


We needed help with a revision and update to our job descriptions to help us convey expectations better and provide clearer career paths for our staff.  We were also considering alternative organizational structures to support this and to be more effective serving the community.


OA worked with our management and staff to understand jobs and provided us with tools to document jobs in a more consistent fashion.  With this information they were able to provide us with information on how our jobs compare to the market and strategies to help us stay competitive.


Additionally, they provided insight into current compensation trends and strategies for implementing better approaches to attract, retain, and motivate our staff.  The OA team was helpful in assisting with consensus-building with our leadership team so that we could implement the program we needed to reach our goals.


This information also helped us with own work to define career paths and organizational structures that fit the needs of our staff and patrons.  Like most libraries we are working hard to make sure we provide needed services that the community needs now.  OA was a great partner on this project and really helped us serve our community better.

Public libraries and public sector employers are one of our specialties.  Whether you are a municipality, agency, or public library system, we can help with your HR programs, including compensation benchmarking and pay structures.

If you need assistance with your compensation programs or other HR consulting needs, contact us and check out other success stories to learn more.