Client success story – Elyria Public Library System PART 2

Client success story – Elyria Public Library System PART 2

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Searches for senior public library professionals is an area of expertise we have developed over the years. We have a number of successful engagements with public libraries to help them find:

  • Library Directors
  • Fiscal Officers
  • Human Resources leaders
  • Library technology leaders

Our latest success story highlights our talent acquisition and recruiting services and how we have successfully helped library trustees when they need to appoint a Fiscal Officer.

Founded in 1870, Elyria Public Library System is recognized locally and regionally for exceptional public service and provides a wide array of materials, programs, and services to Lorain County, Ohio’s citizens. The library system is comprised of four branch locations [three of which were recently renovated] and two mobile outreach vehicles. The library enjoys strong financial and patron support from the community.

Elyria Public Library System’s mission is to connect, engage, and inspire all with intellectual and creative opportunities.

This was the second of two projects we worked on with EPLS.  This is not unusual; we often will work on several HR consulting and recruiting projects for a client at the same time. It’s one of the things that makes us unique and a single-source for your HR consulting and recruiting needs.

Board of Trustees President Debbie Kroupa was our project partner. She said:

We embarked on a critical project to secure a new Fiscal Officer for the Elyria Public Library System, recognizing the pivotal role this position plays in our financial stability and responsible stewardship of public resources. We were fortunate to partner with a dedicated team from OA who not only understood the importance of our task but also brought their expertise to bear on the recruitment process. Their professionalism and commitment to our library’s success were evident from the outset.


Throughout the process, OA demonstrated dedication to finding the right fit for our library’s unique needs. They conducted a comprehensive search to identify candidates who possessed the necessary skills, experience, and commitment to our mission. Their transparent and efficient communication kept us informed at every step, fostering a sense of confidence and trust in the process.


We are deeply appreciative of their efforts and commitment in helping us secure a highly qualified Fiscal Officer who has seamlessly integrated into our team. This recruitment project was an investment in the future of the Elyria Public Library System, and thanks to OA we are well-positioned to continue providing excellent library services to our community.

Organizational Architecture is the trusted partner for more than thirty public libraries for human resources consulting, recruiting, performance management, and leadership development. If you need help in any of these areas, contact us and check out other public library updates to learn more.