Client success story – Delaware County District Library

Client success story – Delaware County District Library

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We’ve shared the work we have done in the past with public libraries. Our success story for this month highlights our recent project with the Delaware County District Library, located near Columbus, Ohio.

The Delaware County District Library serves as the public information provider for their community, using traditional and innovative technology to encourage curiosity, free inquiry, and lifelong learning in a friendly environment. DCDL and its branches are vibrant centers of activity for residents and visitors in Delaware County. DCDL provides an inviting environment that encourages reading, learning, community discussion, and supports lifelong discovery. They are proud to be recognized for engaging minds, expanding opportunities, and improving the quality of life for Delaware County residents.

Based on compensation benchmarking work we have done for other libraries, DCDL contacted us for assistance in analyzing its compensation program and making recommendations to improve it.

Deputy Director Molly Meyers LaBadie was our project sponsor.  She said:

We contacted OA because we knew they were familiar with the public library landscape in Ohio.  We are a growing system in the central Ohio area that has seen a significant increase in population over the past ten years.  Our residents, businesses, and visitors have a greater demand for the services that a public library system provides. This has led to new branches being built, an increase in staff, and new roles being developed to provide new services.


Additionally, we are in a very competitive region for professional library talent.  In order to make sure we have the tools to attract and retain people, we needed to understand how we compared to other systems regionally.


OA not only provided us with the data we needed, they shared it with us in a way that was easy for us to understand and use. Apart from the compensation work they performed, they shared additional resources to help us improve our job administration processes.  Throughout the project they provided status reports and met with me and the leadership team to explain their work and provide meaningful recommendations to help us manage our compensation programs.


We are working hard to make sure our library provides services that the community needs now.  OA was a great partner on this project and their work will help us achieve this goal for our community.

Public sector employers are one of our specialties.  Whether you are a municipality, agency, or public library system, we can help with your HR programs, including compensation benchmarking and pay structures.

If you need assistance with your compensation programs or other HR consulting needs, contact us and check out other success stories to learn more.