Client success story – Dayton Metro Library

Client success story – Dayton Metro Library

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Recruitment of senior public library professionals is an area we have deep expertise. We have a number of successful engagements with public libraries to help them find not only Directors but also:

  • Fiscal Officers
  • Human Resources leaders
  • Library technology leaders

Additionally, OA’s recruiting and talent acquisition professionals have decades of experience helping organizations find

  • Executive Directors for nonprofit organizations
  • Operations and Administrative leaders for manufacturing, healthcare, retail, healthcare, financial services, nonprofit, and many other sectors
  • Human Resources professionals specializing in HR strategy, benefits, compensation, HRIS, training and development, and employee relations
  • Finance and Accounting professionals
  • Information Technology leaders
  • Engineering and Construction professionals

Our latest success story highlights our talent acquisition and recruiting services and how we have successfully helped library leadership and trustees when they need to appoint a Fiscal Officer.

The Dayton Metro Library brings people of all ages and backgrounds together to discover new things about the world, themselves, and each other. Within its 18 branches and beyond its walls, they are advocates for exploration, champions of literacy, and active facilitators of empowerment, inclusion, and positive change. Since the founding of the Library in 1888, they’ve consistently met the changing needs of their diverse and growing community. Its materials, programs, and initiatives cover countless topics for all ages.

Executive Director Jeffrey Trzeciak was our project partner. He said:

In our recent search for a new Fiscal Officer, we embarked on a journey that required not just expertise in recruitment, but a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of public service organizations. We turned to OA for this crucial task, and their response was nothing short of professional and effective.


From the beginning, the OA team demonstrated a clear grasp of our needs. They approached the project with a balance of thoroughness and efficiency, ensuring that every step was taken with our library’s best interests in mind. Their team was particularly adept at understanding the nuances of our library system – a necessity for finding a candidate who would not only excel in their role but also fit well within our organizational culture.


OA’s recruitment process was comprehensive. They didn’t just look for candidates with the right qualifications on paper; they sought individuals who displayed a genuine passion for public service and the specific challenges faced by a metropolitan library system. Their approach was systematic and included detailed assessments and interviews, which they managed with the utmost professionalism.


Communication throughout this process was a strong point for OA. They kept us informed at every stage, providing clear and concise updates. This level of communication not only kept us in the loop but also built a foundation of trust, making the entire process smoother and more transparent.


The result of this collaboration was the successful hiring of a Fiscal Officer who has proven to be an excellent fit for our library. The new officer has not only the required expertise and experience but also a shared vision for the future of library services. Their ability to integrate into our system with ease and start contributing positively from day one has been remarkable.

Organizational Architecture is the trusted partner for more than thirty public libraries for human resources consulting, recruiting, performance management, and leadership development. If you need help in any of these areas, contact us and check out other public library updates to learn more.