Client success story – The Centers for Families and Children

Client success story – The Centers for Families and Children

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This month’s success story highlights how Organizational Architecture has assisted The Centers for Families and Children with an executive compensation study.

The Centers for Families and Children is one of the oldest and largest nonprofit human service organizations in Northeast Ohio. Through innovation and leadership we strengthen the community by providing individuals and families with life-changing solutions to lead healthier and more successful loves. We employ an integrated strategy to improve the lives of those we serve through integrated behavioral health, primary care, early learning, and workforce services. Last year, The Centers served more than 23,000 people throughout Cuyahoga County.

Kerry Bohac, Vice President Human Resources and our partner on this project, said,

“Over the past year or so, we started down the path of developing an executive compensation program to ensure our leadership team was being compensated fairly and competitively. With shifting priorities and limited bandwidth, we decided to bring in Organizational Architecture as the experts to assist us with completing this task.

Their insights have really given us a strong foundation for defining and implementing our executive compensation program. Not only have they given us market data to compare, but they have identified other elements and components of an executive compensation program that were suitable for our organization”.

There are many different components that must be considered when developing an executive compensation program. Organizational Architecture is here to help, whether you need assistance with executive compensation or your overall compensation philosophy.

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