Workplace scenarios that may require coaching

Workplace scenarios that may require coaching

By on Jun 1, 2015 in Blog, Coaching, Training and Development | 0 comments

Although the role of the coach is complex, there are guidelines that, when applied consistently, may streamline the overall coaching process.

An awareness of common scenarios that may be present in your organization may provide an advantage when beginning or enhancing your coaching program.

Coaching should be considered when:

  • Conducting initial orientation and training of a new employee.
  • Explaining company goals and expectations.
  • Modification of performance is necessary.
  • Company initiatives change.
  • An employee is assigned a new responsibility.
  • An employee wants to be a top performer and groomed for management.
  • An employee’s self-confidence needs improving.

Use every opportunity to practice and remember that the best coaches explain the “why” before the “what”. Frequent application of coaching techniques will result in a greater level of comfort within a shorter period of time.

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