Why should I have a performance review process?

Why should I have a performance review process?

By on Jul 27, 2015 in Blog, Performance Management, Performance Review | 0 comments

Whether you are the manager or the employee, you should already know what a performance review is, but sometimes we may need to revisit and reevaluate what a true performance review should consist of and why we have the process in the first place.

A performance review is an essential component of a successful performance management program. The performance review is designed to provide feedback and to:

  • Identify whether your employee is meeting job requirements/expectations for the current performance period.
  • Strengthen the manager-employee relationship, as a clear understanding of performance that now exists.
  • Reveal your employee’s perspective regarding performance related issues.
  • Outline goals, development, and future direction.

The main reason we have a performance review process is that it provides an open forum for you and your employee to communicate. Other purposes for a performance review process include the following:

  • You can praise and positively outline your employee’s contributions to company success.
  • The performance review is designed to work for your employee and consider professional development and career aspirations.
  • Your employee is challenged to perform, grow, and establish direction for the future.
  • You can integrate employee and company goals to achieve success and reinforce organizational values.

No matter how many performance reviews you have written or received, it is always a good idea to refresh your knowledge on what the performance review is and why we do it.

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