Why managers avoid dealing with conflict

Why managers avoid dealing with conflict

By on Apr 13, 2016 in Blog, Leadership, Supervision | 0 comments

Many managers are fearful of handling conflict because of perceived negative ramifications in the future. They are afraid that favorable employee relations may never be restored to a positive and productive level.

It is not uncommon to become tense just at the thought of becoming involved in workplace conflict. Managers are concerned that if a conflict is not handled properly morale may be reduced, and that additional conflict may result.

Frequently, managers just wish the conflict would go away, or look someone to blame. Today’s workers do not want conflicts made public. They fear that complaining could make them appear to be petty and incompetent or insecure and unprofessional.

Customers and employees alike can sense tension. A manager must ensure a positive atmosphere in the workplace.

As with any performance or Human Resource related situation, a manager’s ability to achieve compromise and build a consensus with the parties involved is essential to an effective resolution.

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