When should you hire an HR leader?

When should you hire an HR leader?

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In a previous article, we discussed the importance of knowing when to hire a dedicated Human Resources professional for your organization. Considering the ever-changing landscape of employment and workplace dynamics, it’s essential to revisit this topic with additional insights and factors to consider. Over the past year, we have witnessed various developments in the employment sphere that have highlighted the significance of having an HR leader as an integral part of your team.

Beyond the traditional HR responsibilities, an HR professional can play a strategic role in addressing emerging challenges and opportunities in the workplace. Let’s explore two more critical reasons to consider hiring an HR leader, followed by the original considerations for when it might be time to add an HR professional to your team.

  • Do you have a talent retention and succession planning process? With a highly competitive job market and an increasing focus on employee career development, talent retention has become a paramount concern for organizations. An HR leader can lead efforts to create effective retention strategies, conduct stay interviews to understand employee needs and concerns, and implement career development programs that align with individual aspirations and organizational goals. Additionally, an HR leader can spearhead succession planning initiatives, identifying potential future leaders within the organization, and ensuring a smooth transition when key positions become vacant.
  • What is your plan for leveraging [new] HR technology? The past year has witnessed a surge in HR technology adoption, with various tools and platforms streamlining HR processes, such as recruitment, performance management, and employee engagement. An HR leader with expertise in HR technology can help assess your organization’s needs, implement suitable HR software, and optimize its utilization to enhance efficiency and data-driven decision-making. Embracing digital HR solutions can lead to cost savings, improved data accuracy, and better insights into the workforce’s performance and well-being.

What are some of the considerations for when it might be time to add an HR professional to your team? It depends on whether you an answer these questions confidently:

  • How much recruiting, orientation, and onboarding activity do you have, or plan to have in the near term?
  • How strong/capable are your mid-level managers?
  • Are you having to deal with too many employee matters?
  • Are you putting out too many fires?

Having an HR professional on your team offers numerous advantages beyond mere paperwork processing and administrative duties. This expert can play a pivotal role in fostering the growth and effectiveness of mid-level managers, thereby alleviating senior management’s burden of handling routine personnel matters. Moreover, the HR professional can offer valuable guidance and resources to address staff issues effectively. In the best-case scenario, they can devise strategic approaches to ensure that your organization consistently maintains a competent and dedicated workforce, ready to serve customers and fortify the overall strength of the company.

If you think it’s time to explore whether you need an HR professional on your team, contact us and we can help you assess your need and recommend the best approach to addressing this need whether it be hiring an HR professional, leveraging current service providers more effectively, or locating new partners.