Using coaching moments to your advantage

Using coaching moments to your advantage

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Research has shown that if you devote a minimum of 5% of your time and attention to ongoing coaching, you will have the foundation for a successful program within your organization.  You will be prepared, should any of the following coaching “moments” occur.

If an employee requests help:

  • Find out more before instinctively responding with a solution.
  • Determine if the employee really wants permission, encouragement, or advice.
  • Discuss what the employee is thinking, evaluate the pros and cons, consider their feedback, and offer solutions.

Positively address small disappointments and:

  • Do not “gloss over” an employee’s concern with failure.
  • Express your support by listening to their feelings.
  • Provide your assistance to help the employee gain a new perspective as to what happened and how to resolve it.

Focus on successes by transferring the lessons learned to the next opportunity and celebrating their achievements. Reviewing the foundation of the success is essential so the employee can improve even further in the future.

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