Training: match the method to the need

Training: match the method to the need

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It is very important when deciding what type of training session will be prepared or the media that will be used.  Here we present a few simple ideas that can enhance the training experience and increase retention levels.

Although structured training is customarily developed on the organization level, it is up to you to determine what specific training needs are present in your department. Once determined, you can decide which training method will be most effective.

Depending on the type of training you may be responsible for conducting, you may wish to use one or more of these methods to liven up your presentation:

  • Music – creates an atmosphere of fun
  • Games – keeps attendees energized
  • Brainstorming sessions – brings a wide variety of ideas to the table
  • Role plays – provides opportunities to practice
  • Analogies – illustrates the relevance of the material
  • Activities – keeps attendees engaged
  • Color in visuals – maintains attendee interest
  • Table toys – entertains during breaks
  • Prizes – rewards attendees for contributing or winning contests

Aside from the physical components of a fun training session, the trainer must be fun as well! Be as animated as possible, integrate your own sense of humor, and above all, be yourself!

Based on the training needs that exist for your employees, your organization may have individual and group training programs and materials available to fit your training needs. Samples of possible individual training materials include training videos on various topics, workbooks to support the training videos, reference materials to help develop specific skills, and role playing materials/activities. Examples for group training could include department or company-wide training meetings or special project classroom training.

To provide cost-effective employee training, consider which method is most appropriate to current training needs. As a manager, you may tailor training to satisfy your exact needs.

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