Time to update those required postings!

Time to update those required postings!

By on Jan 9, 2018 in Best Practices, Blog, Compliance | 0 comments

With many federal and state laws changing or going into effect on January 1, the notices that alert your employees about important workplace laws and rights should be audited to ensure the most up-to-date posters are being displayed.

If you are located in Ohio, you can go here to learn what you are required to post.  Note that this has not been updated to include the 2018 Ohio minimum wage; you can find that here.

For federal posting requirements, you can start here to find most of the required posters and links to others you may need.

Remember, requirements may vary from employer-to-employer depending on the state in which your employees work, the size of your organization, and the type of industry.

These postings should be displayed in a conspicuous place in the workplace for all employees to see, such as a break room, copy room, or other common areas for employees. If your organization has multiple facilities, postings must be displayed in each facility. For employees that work remotely from an office location, these policies and regulations should be sent to the employees, provided in hard copy form, or provided electronically for these employees to access as well.

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