State required labor law postings

State required labor law postings

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As mentioned in our previous blog posting “Required labor law postings in the workplace”, not only is your organization required to display federal labor law posters in the workplace, but you may also be subject to individual state labor law postings.

The State of Ohio has a few state agencies that require businesses to post state employment law posters in addition to federal labor law posters. Some of these agencies include the Ohio Department of Commerce, Ohio Civil Rights Commission, and the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

The Department of Commerce Division of Industrial Compliance enforces wage and hour regulations including Ohio minimum wage, prevailing wage, employment of minors, and others. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission enforces The Ohio Civil Rights Act for equal employment opportunity for protected classes.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation requires employers to post their Certificate of Workers’ Compensation, showing that they are certified and listed in the Ohio State Insurance Fund.

To learn more about the various state agencies for Ohio and their poster requirements, visit the Ohio Department of Commerce Website. Does your organization do business outside of Ohio? Here’s a link to the United States Department of Labor directory of all state labor offices to find your state’s requirements.

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