Speaking with energy

Speaking with energy

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Your speaking manner impacts your ability to be persuasive. A monotone voice will alienate your listeners quickly. The best way to determine your level of enthusiasm when speaking is to use a recording device. Use the recordings to hear how others hear you. You may learn from the recordings by:

  • Listening to the recordings approximately five to seven days later.
  • Determining if your tone of voice was appropriate for the content and importance of the information conveyed.
  • Assessing the presence or absence of a monotone voice.
  • Reviewing your communication to determine if it was engaging and relevant.

Based on speech patterns revealed by the recordings, outline your areas of opportunity. Create an action plan and incorporate into future discussions or meetings.

To ensure your message is not lost because of wordiness, express main points clearly, organize supplementary information as lead-in and/or wrap-up statements, and solicit listener feedback to validate clear understanding.

If miscommunication or a misunderstanding occurs, you should determine if:

  • Sufficient information was provided.
  • Unclear information was conveyed that possibly clouded your points.
  • Slang or poor grammar was used.
  • Certain employees always seem to misunderstand you.
  • Any other modifications could be made to enhance the clarity of the message.

Costly errors can be minimized when clear communication occurs between managers, employees, and customers.

You may develop the ability to incorporate spontaneity in your speaking style by:

  • Using anecdotes or examples to enhance the message.
  • Relaxing mentally while speaking.
  • Imagining you are conversing with only one person.
  • Using clear, simple words.
  • Speaking in short sentences.
  • Enjoying yourself.

Information presented in a natural manner is more likely to captivate the listener.

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