Small Organization, Big Goals: How nonprofits can do more with less

Small Organization, Big Goals: How nonprofits can do more with less

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Smaller nonprofit organizations typically have similar HR needs as larger organizations. However, these smaller organizations may have limited resources and need help finding effective and cost-efficient services while navigating with less.

We have worked with both small organizations and large-scale companies to help navigate important areas such as HR Strategy, Employee Relations, Compliance, Compensation, Training and Development. Through those engagements, we have identified some key HR highlights that work for most organizations, even nonprofits.

What kind of HR needs do smaller nonprofit organizations have? Smaller nonprofits have similar HR needs as larger organizations but may not have the backing or brand recognition as their large competitors to afford it all. Small nonprofit organization can implement and maintain the these strategies effectively:

  • Recruiting and hiring staff in an effective and cost-efficient way to attract and screen candidates.
  • Providing competitive and affordable employee benefits.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations related to employment, such as those related to discrimination, wage and hour laws, and safety.
  • Enhancing or creating new opportunities for employee development and training to help them grow and advance in their careers.
  • An effective employee relations program to address employee issues and concerns and help managers with their leadership tasks.

 What can my nonprofit do to support our HR needs if we have limited money and resources? Smaller nonprofits should focus on resources and benefits they can leverage at little or no cost. With limited funds and resources there are still ways to enhance employee benefits without incurring significant costs. Some examples include:

  • Offering flexible schedules and telecommuting options to improve employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Providing professional development opportunities for staff to help employees improve their skills and advance their careers.
  • Recognizing and rewarding employees for their achievements to boost morale and motivation.
  • Encouraging staff to volunteer for causes they care about to build team spirit and create a sense of purpose.
  • Offering an Employee Assistance Program [EAP] to help employees with personal, family, or work-related problems.

Your organization may be small, but that does not have to impact your offerings to employees and managers. Navigating the HR world can be a daunting task but is integral in achieving success with limited resources. Identifying your HR needs can help your organization grow and be more effective to ensure you always have the right people in place to serve your clients and strengthen your organization.

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