Are you prepared to respond to claims of harassment?

Are you prepared to respond to claims of harassment?

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Allegations of harassment are all over the news and there are no signs of this national trend letting up anytime soon.  For organizations, there is no better time than now to assess your readiness to prevent or appropriately respond to claims of harassment.

Claims of harassment…if not responded to effectively…can have extremely damaging effects on the workplace.  Legal liability can be astronomical.  So can attorney’s fees and rising insurance rates.  And the intangible impact on organizational culture can be just as damaging.  Harassment allegations in the workplace can drive down employee engagement, which can hamper even the best organization’s ability to attract and retain talent.

A critical first step to ensuring that your organization is well situated to prevent, respond to, or at the very least defend any claims of harassment that could arise is to conduct an independent and thorough assessment of the efficacy of your harassment prevention efforts.

As we announced last week, we have partnered with Sindy Warren of Warren & Associates who is an authority on workplace harassment.   Together we have developed our Harassment Prevention Assessment.  This new service will help you make sure that you are taking the right steps to prevent and respond to claims of harassment in a vigorous manner. We will not only assess your current harassment prevention state of affairs, but also provide you with recommended next steps.

Isn’t it worth it to ensure your employees can be safe and productive at work…and keep your organization and reputation respected and valued?

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