Performance review barriers

Performance review barriers

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There are many reasons you may encounter difficulty when faced with the responsibility of conducting performance reviews. Barriers that may hinder the performance review process must be defined so that appropriate action can be taken.

  • Conflict – frequently you may be in a position of being an employee’s coach and reviewer. As a coach, you are responsible for your employee’s development. Your role may change to that of a performance reviewer, and you must now make decisions influencing your employee’s salary and career.
  • Time – considerable time is required to properly manage, coach, and conduct performance reviews. Since time is a rare commodity, the steps necessary to improve our business may be overlooked. Time devoted to managing your employee’s performance is the foundation of long-term business success and employee retention.
  • Experience – some managers may be reluctant to manage performance, provide feedback, and develop/administer performance reviews. The reluctance may be caused by lack of overall experience or previous negative encounters.

By identifying the barriers within your performance review process, you will be able to plan ahead for any expected difficulties to ensure an overall smooth process.

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