Performance analysis quadrant at a glance

Performance analysis quadrant at a glance

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Now that the primary causes of poor performance have been identified, we can now address how to fix these problems. As you plot your employees along the quadrant, consider the following solutions to the performance problem it matches.

Motivation [Quadrant A]

  • If the employee has sufficient job knowledge, but does not have the proper attitude, a motivational problem may exist.
  • Ensure the employee clearly understands the potential results of their actions.

Resources [Quadrant B]

  • If the employee has job knowledge and favorable attitude, but performance is not satisfactory, the problem source may be out of the employee’s control.
  • The obstacle hindering performance should be corrected or removed.

Selection [Quadrant C]

  • If the employee is lacking in both job knowledge and favorable attitude, a problem with employee selection or promotion may be present.
  • Reassignment or providing the opportunity to explore career paths elsewhere should be considered.

Training [Quadrant D]

  • If the employee desires to perform but lacks job knowledge, additional training must be provided.
  • Consider skill development options.

Please note that the resolution may not always be the same as the cause.  View the performance problem globally prior to determining a resolution action plan.

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