New Year’s Resolution #1: Get your required employment postings updated

New Year’s Resolution #1: Get your required employment postings updated

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Have you checked to see if you need to update your workplace postings? Certain federal and state laws [and even some counties and municipalities] require employers to post laws and regulations regarding employee rights in the workplace. Requirements may vary from employer to employer depending on the state in which the employees work, the size of the organization, and the type of industry.

These postings should be displayed in a conspicuous place in the workplace for all employees to see, such as a break room, copy room, or other common areas for employees. If your organization has multiple facilities, postings must be displayed in each facility. For employees that work remotely from an office location, these policies and regulations should be sent to the employees, provided in hard copy form, or provided electronically for these employees to access as well.

Where can you find these postings?

  • Your city and state department of labor or industrial commission websites should have a section for required postings that tells you who is required to comply.  You will also be able to download the postings to print out as many as you need.
  • The US Department of Labor website has all the information you need.  Make sure you check with other agencies such as OSHA, Wage and Hour Division, EEOC, etc. for other required posters.
  • Your payroll company may provide posters as part of their service at little or no cost. Check with them to see if they can provide these to you.
  • There are paid services you can use that provide these posters. An internet search should be able to turn up a number of options…just be aware that while it may be more convenient to pay a service to provide these posters, especially if you operate in multiple jurisdictions, you can always find them for free at the local, state, and federal agencies.

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