Hail and farewell

Hail and farewell

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In the naval service we have a tradition of sending off our shipmates with a ceremony that acknowledges their service and wishes them success at their next duty station.  This tradition is referred to as Hail and Farewell.  Usually, as we say goodbye to one person we are welcoming another [see below].  It is a bittersweet tradition but is part of how we maintain the continuity in the service.

Cody Bees has accepted a new HR role with a large company here in Cleveland, Ohio.  I am pleased that his experience at OA has prepared him for this new endeavor and I wish him nothing but the best as we go from being co-workers, to colleagues, and always friends.

Cody’s last day is Friday May 12 2017.  Stay connected to him on LinkedIn.com here.

I want to reassure you that an orderly transition of his work is underway and that we hope to be introducing you to a new OA team member to you shortly.  Meantime, feel free to direct your questions to me, and join me in congratulating Cody!