Determining an appropriate coaching method

Determining an appropriate coaching method

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Choosing an appropriate method when coaching an employee will yield maximum results for the time invested.  The ability to anticipate employee reaction or their motives for behaviors demonstrated will help determine the best coaching approach.

Select a coaching method that is appropriate for the need.  Consider that:

  • Improving personal values or understanding a corporate change in philosophy is best accomplished through case studies or detailed conversations.
  • Enhancing communication, selling skills, or interpersonal development is best accomplished through role-playing or hands-on demonstration and practice.
  • Communicating marketing or business strategies is best accomplished through discussions or analysis of “real” examples.
  • Improving employee understanding of fact-based information is best accomplished through classes, books/modules, on-the-job training, etc.

Space practical application sessions out over time, because:

  • Competency is rarely achieved in one session.
  • New behaviors are best learned when acquired in smaller segments.
  • Repetition and follow through are required to form new habits.

Encourage your employees to experiment with newly gained knowledge because varying the application can help reveal which methods work best for them.

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