Defining the three phases of performance management: phase two – corrective action

Defining the three phases of performance management: phase two – corrective action

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A few weeks ago, we shared some basics about managing poor performance and how to begin the process of addressing it through coaching.

If an employee is still not meeting their position’s expectations after receiving training and coaching from their supervisor, it is time to move to the next step of performance management – corrective action. Corrective action is implemented when an employee has been properly and thoroughly trained, but is not performing according to company and position standards and guidelines. In this instance, it is your responsibility to:

  • Uncover reasons for poor performance
  • Inform the employee of low performance issues
  • Provide guidance to improve the situation

A verbal discussion or warning is the initial, informal meeting between you and the employee.

A written corrective action calls for a more formal meeting between you and the employee, where pertinent information is documented on a permanent record.

Regardless of the type of corrective action being administered, an action plan for problem resolution, with a corresponding time frame, should always be included. Set measurable goals and outcomes.

Both you and the employee can benefit from effective corrective action, in that:

  • Employees are made aware of substandard performance
  • Employees are given an opportunity to improve
  • Negative issues may be quickly resolved
  • No surprises occur during the performance review
  • Trust and concern for the employee is demonstrated by you

If the employee’s performance has not reached expected standards, according to the action plan and time frame established in the previous corrective action session, it is time to take further action, which may include conducting a second written corrective action or discharging the employee.

A second corrective action is the last opportunity for an employee to improve performance before a possible discharge.

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