Creating a favorable interview environment

Creating a favorable interview environment

By on Feb 29, 2016 in Blog, Talent Acquisition | 0 comments

Anyone who is scheduled for an interview with a prospective employer is likely to be experiencing some anxiety and apprehension. Consider some of these tips for what you can do to create an environment that is friendly, professional, and conducive to open conversation.

  • Ensure you are available at the scheduled time.
  • Welcome the applicant to the location and introduce yourself.
  • Show the applicant to the interview location and ensure there will be no interruptions.
  • If conveniently available, ask the applicant if they would like something to drink.
  • If possible, seat yourself facing the applicant without furniture between you.
  • Begin the interview with light conversation regarding the weather or some other general interest topic to put the applicant at ease.
  • Be attentive and maintain eye contact.
  • Maintain “open” body language.
  • Outline how the interview will progress and the topics to be discussed which would include the application, the available position, additional questions, and the decision process.
  • Gradually shift the conversation to the information the applicant has written on the application.
  • Strive to uncover maximum information by asking open-ended questions, which allow the applicant to elaborate on past work experiences by providing actual examples.

Reduced nervousness will result in a more effective interview. More information is likely to be revealed by the applicant if there is a rapport present with the interviewer and the environment is comfortable.

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