Client success story – Vice President of Operations recruitment

Client success story – Vice President of Operations recruitment

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A recent success story shows how careful and considerate work BEFORE you start the recruitment process for a key position pays off in the long run.  Our client is an over-the-counter pharmaceutical company located in Cleveland, Ohio.  We started working with them after meeting their Controller at an event at which we were invited to speak.

Our initial assessment uncovered these challenges:

  • The current owner – third generation – is planning to retire;
  • Several key executives are also planning their retirement in the next several years;
  • Fourth generation family members are preparing to take over the management of the business.

Our client determined that the addition of a proven operations executive would assist with this transition.  But we needed to find someone who not only possessed the capability to lead a mid-sized organization to the next level, but someone who could be effective in a family-run business and serve as a mentor to the next generation of family leadership.

Bearing this in mind, we focused not only on WHAT was important for our finalist candidates to have done in the past but HOW they have done it…and in what environment.  So we focused on the kinds of behaviors and traits that would be important for our candidates have mastered and used effectively.  And we partnered with a management psychologist to ensure we had a high degree of assurance we found these qualities.  Spending as much time thinking about HOW the candidates did their work…as we did on ensuring that they had the appropriate skills and experience in their background, ensured we sourced, screened, and selected effectively.

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