Client success story – Client Service Associate recruitment

Client success story – Client Service Associate recruitment

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Today’s success story highlights how Organizational Architecture helped its client recruit the right person to fill an opening in their office. Our client is a financial planning and investment management company located in Westerville, OH. We have a long-standing relationship with this client and were excited to help them again.

One of the initial steps we took was to update the job description. We worked closely with our client to determine how this role fit into their organization as well as the necessary duties and responsibilities.

Spending time on the job description ensured we sourced, screened, and selected candidates efficiently and effectively. It also helped us streamline the recruitment process and find the right person for the job. Additionally, by taking the time to update the job description to fit their present needs, the new hire would understand exactly what was expected of them when they started and be able to meet those expectations.

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