Client Success Story – NineSigma

Client Success Story – NineSigma

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NineSigma is a great example of how Organizational Architecture assists its clients with performance management challenges by developing and implementing a new performance review process.

NineSigma [www.ninesigma.com] helps organizations in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors ‘connect with the world’ to find new solutions, knowledge, and partners to accelerate their innovation cycles. NineSigma is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Bill Chorba, Chief Financial Officer at NineSigma, said,

“Our staff dreaded completing performance reviews each year and viewed them as just another form to fill out; an administrative burden that added little value. We wanted something more meaningful for our employees that would help develop their performance, and in return help improve the performance of NineSigma.”

“Organizational Architecture gave our managers a refreshing look on performance reviews, yet something simple, realistic, and effective.  They have provided us with all the necessary tools from timelines, forms, and communications to employees to create a seamless process. We are just completing our second year of performance reviews with the assistance of OA and they have helped us create an environment where performance is an ongoing conversation throughout the year between manager and employee. No longer do we simply conduct a one-time meeting each year so managers can fill out a form to stick in their employees’ folders.”

Delivering an effective performance review is not an easy task for all managers. But when the right processes, training, and tools are in place, managers will be prepared to give their employees the feedback necessary to improve individual performance as well as that of the overall organization.

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