Client success story – medical device company

Client success story – medical device company

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Did you know we help companies with temporary HR assistance? Last year a healthcare device company here in Northeast Ohio reached out to us when they needed some extra hands-on-deck with their recruiting.

Larger organizations usually have a staff of Human Resources professionals to cover all the bases: employee relations, recruitment, benefits, training, etc.  But just because they are larger doesn’t mean that they aren’t lean…from time-to-time there’s more work than people and they need help.

Our client had a similar need…there were a lot of open positions and they needed the help of a recruiter to help source and screen candidates.  Some of these positions were very industry-specific; others were in different parts of the country.

They told us:

We found we had more openings to fill than we had staff to do it effectively and needed some help. A mutual contact referred OA and we asked for their help.

Within days they were able to present HR professionals who were well-qualified to recruit.  We met with them and selected one to assist us with our recruiting projects. We were pleased with how quickly our consultant got up to speed, learned our business and the roles we needed to fill, and located quality candidates quickly.

In our case it helped that our consultant was experienced and very autonomous. She was able to work independently and provide results.  She frequently checked in with us and was onsite as needed, but for the most part once we gave her an assignment we knew she could handle it completely.

Our consultant Evy Davis started adding value immediately and was able to locate candidates quickly…even for roles the client’s recruiting department had trouble filling.  That’s because we have developed a network of well-qualified consultants who bring expertise in their specialty as well as the ability to work effectively without a lot of client oversight.

Sometimes you just don’t have enough team members to do the job, or you don’t have a particular expertise on staff.  Our temporary HR consultants and contractors can help. Onsite or offsite, performing routine tasks or managing whole projects, OA is your resource for assistance. Contact us and check out other success stories to learn more.