Client success story – human resources consulting

Client success story – human resources consulting

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Today’s success story highlights how Organizational Architecture partners with their clients to provide ongoing support in a variety of HR functions. For over the past five years, Organizational Architecture has assisted a local manufacturing company located in Cleveland, Ohio with various HR projects and ongoing HR support.

Since this company did not have an HR department, most of the HR responsibilities fell onto the managers and supervisors. After a thorough analysis, we recommended that the best starting point was updating their employee handbook. Not only did this ensure they were in compliance with all employment laws and regulations, it gave managers and supervisors and effective tool to set expectations and provide feedback.

Over the years, we have provided ongoing HR assistance in the areas of designing and implementing personnel administration processes, sourcing and screening for their Director of Operations position, and conducting a job analysis of the current organization to identify and define potential new roles for future headcount plans.

We have helped them identify areas of opportunity to develop their workforce strategy to help drive overall organizational results.

Do you need assistance with identifying areas of opportunity within your HR function to develop your workforce strategyContact us and check out our blog for more helpful resources.