Client success story – human resources consulting

Client success story – human resources consulting

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Today’s success story highlights how Organizational Architecture can assist smaller organizations with improving their HR processes. Our client in specialty goods wholesaling reached out to us after a change in ownership to help review some of their HR functions as they were reviewing all other operational functions.

There were two specific areas that our client wanted us to review: compensation and their performance management system. Regarding compensation, they wanted a better understanding of how competitive their pay was relative to the market for a variety of jobs. We conducted a benchmarking analysis and provided them market data for both base and incentive compensation for those selected jobs.

The second area we reviewed was their performance management system. We analyzed their current system and then provided them with suggestions on specific elements that should be added to their current system or ways they can be improved. Items analyzed included employee policies, the corrective action process, and the performance appraisal forms and procedures.

Our analysis provided them with the right information and tools to help build out a workforce strategy that also supported the overall business strategy.

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