Client success story – Euthenics, Inc.

Client success story – Euthenics, Inc.

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Over the years we have had a chance to work with several organizations in the Engineering, Architecture, Design, and Construction industries. Our most recent success story highlights work we have done with our client Euthenics, Inc.

Euthenics, Inc. is a civil engineering consulting firm providing excellence in service to its clients for over 50 years. Their dedicated and highly-qualified staff, using the latest technological advancements, with hands-on involvement by management at all levels, enable Euthenics to successfully fulfill its clients’ needs and expectations. Their philosophy is to deliver quality and responsive engineering services on time and in a cost effective manner, while building lasting relationship with its clients.

We were asked to help them assess their current programs for attracting and retaining talent. It’s well-known that the labor market is very tight right now, and it is especially challenging for professional services firms to attract top talent.

We worked with Principal Dan Bender and Human Resources Manager Marijo Rickel at Euthenics. They said:

We wanted to conduct an evaluation of our current compensation and benefit packages.  Having experienced years of low turnover, we find ourselves needing to fill vital, upper management positions in the very near future and want to make sure that our offers are not only competitive but among the leaders in our industry.


In addition, we want to make sure we are in the best position to retain our valued employees from a compensation and benefits perspective.  Our intent is to use the workplace and industry information to make informed and relevant changes where and as needed.


OA has experience in our industry and understand the challenges we face.  They performed their analysis and made recommendations so that we understood our competitive position and what areas we can focus on to improve it.  They also worked with us to share their insight into trends with time off, incentives, and other programs.


Working with OA gave us the tools to inform the rest of the management team, and we are planning on working with OA to develop further our strategies to attract and retain people.

Smaller and mid-sized firms may have a harder time competing for talent. But we find that looking beyond cash compensation and including all elements of what you have to offer your employees, and communicating it clearly and effectively, can go a long way to building value proposition that attracts top talent.

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