Client success story – Cuyahoga County Public Library

Client success story – Cuyahoga County Public Library

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Cuyahoga County Public Library is a great example of how Organizational Architecture’s compensation consulting assists its clients by conducting a base compensation study to ensure they are paying competitively compared to the market.

Cuyahoga County Public Library offers the very best in public library service in the nation and is focused on being the center of community life and remain dedicated to creating an environment where reading, lifelong learning, and civic engagement thrive.

Daniel Hauenstein, Director Human Resources at Cuyahoga County Public Library, said,

“It can be challenging to meet the needs of both union and non-union employees. Having Organizational Architecture come in as a third-party to review our current compensation practices not only ensures that all employees are being paid fairly and equitably, but it also brings a fresh set of eyes to see what improvements can be made in how we reward our employees.

Their analysis also reaffirmed that we do compensate our employees fairly compared to the market and help us to be an employer of choice for top talent”.

Compensation is a powerful tool often overlooked in most organizations. Even implementing simple compensation tools, systems, and policies can make a world of difference when trying to reward your employees fairly and equitably.

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