Client success story – City of Strongsville

Client success story – City of Strongsville

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An example of how we assist our clients with leadership development is our work with for City of Strongsville on its leadership development program.

The City of Strongsville is a large suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Not only does it have a larger population than other suburbs, it has a diverse mix of residential housing and businesses and attracts thousands of visitors each day who enjoy its amenities.

Steve Kilo, Director of Human Resources for the City, said,

Our Mayor feels that one of our most effective advantages as a City is the quality of our departmental leadership. He has led our efforts to foster teamwork, break down barriers, and provide the tools our leaders need to be good stewards of the public’s trust.


Organizational Architecture has helped us over the years with tools to enhance our leadership skills.  Workshops on Communication Styles, Change Management, Accountability, Coaching and Conflict Resolution, and others, have made our department heads and their assistants better at leading their people.  They have had a big impact on how we lead, how we coach, and how we responsibly manage the City’s resources.

Cities have unique challenges. As we are able to do for our other clients, Organizational Architecture can be your partner to help your Directors, Assistant Directors, Supervisors, and other city management personnel be successful and effective leaders.

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