Client success story – base compensation study

Client success story – base compensation study

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This month’s success story shows that conducting a base compensation study regularly can help align your organization’s compensation philosophy with your overall organizational strategy.  Our client is one of the largest public library systems in Ohio and needed to know if they were paying competitively compared to the market from which they draw talent.

We started our analysis by reviewing their current compensation program and salary grade system. Since our client contained both union and non-union employees, we needed to take into consideration each salary grade system and conduct a thorough review of their bargaining agreement to understand any differences in their compensation programs.

After careful review of the benchmarking analysis, our recommendations included addressing both union and non-union positions that were above and below the market, tips on adjusting salary grade systems, and how to communicate any compensation changes to their employees.

Overall, our compensation study provided the library and their bargaining unit the necessary data to make compensation decisions for the next several years.

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