Case study – small and mid-size business Human Resources Consulting

Case study – small and mid-size business Human Resources Consulting

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Small and mid-size organizations have HR challenges just like larger ones. The challenge can be in making sure that the tools you have to manage your Human Resources activities meet your needs appropriately given your size and other constraints.

We know that many smaller organizations rely on the Google to find tools to help them manage Human Resources.  We find that many of these tools can be useful…up to a point. They can be helpful in getting started, but without a way to ensure they work for you and meet your specific needs, you can end up with a lot of wasted time and effort trying to develop a real HR strategy that helps you effectively attract, motivate, and reward people.

It’s a competitive labor market…we know how hard it is to find and keep employees.  So how does a smaller organization do this effectively? That’s how an HR consultant can help.  Here’s how we helped one of our smaller clients. They said:

We know that Internet can provide us with forms and documents, but we also needed a plan…how to recruit effectively, how to coach and provide feedback, how to help our supervisors become effective leaders, and how to pay people the right way.  Our challenge is we do not have an onsite HR professional, and we don’t have time to develop the expertise needed to do this well.


We partnered with OA because they have the experience in all the HR tactics that need to be implemented, and they are extremely good at pulling it all together.  They also bring the experience of having managed these processes in everything from large companies to smaller organizations, and their solutions fit our needs. For example, they are not only helpful in providing good market data for our base compensation program, they also know and understand how to build commission and bonus programs, and how to use our resources effectively to reward our employees.


They are also good at helping us get the most out of the vendors we already have for payroll, benefits, and other programs. So we don’t necessarily spend more money because we are optimizing the service providers we have.


Just having someone to call to discuss and employee matter and get some good ideas how to resolve it effectively, makes it well-worth having an HR consultant as one of our trusted advisors.

You probably have a relationship with a law firm and accounting firm. Having an HR consulting firm as a partner can help your with your people strategies, and help you capture and keep top talent. Contact us and check out our updates for more helpful resources.