Case study – revised job descriptions for a hospital

Case study – revised job descriptions for a hospital

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This month’s case study highlights how Organizational Architecture has assisted a Northeast Ohio hospital with updating and consolidating position descriptions across its entire organization.

We worked extensively with the hospital’s Human Resources department, as well as each and every other department to revise job descriptions for both clinical and non-clinical positions. They said:

Our HR department was getting ready to implement and update various systems to help manage our workforce, but there was one glaring issue that needed to be fixed before moving forward, and that was updating our position descriptions. The format of our position descriptions had not been updated in quite some time and it consisted of both the job description and performance appraisal combined into a burdensome document, that was not an effective tool for managers or employees. Managing HR within a hospital presents new challenges daily and requires full attention from our staff, so we did not have the capacity to take on this task internally.


OA not only provided us with a much more clean and concise position description format, but also facilitated the process of working with management to update and approve newly formatted position descriptions within each department, and consolidated similar roles across the organization into one job description, where appropriate. Our Human Resources department found the new position descriptions to be the perfect tool within all facets of HR, as well as becoming a more useful tool for our managers and employees.

Position descriptions are often overlooked and become outdated quickly. Revisiting and updating your position descriptions periodically ensures you have the right tool to manage your workforce properly.

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