Case study – performance management tools for a wholesaler

Case study – performance management tools for a wholesaler

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This month’s case study highlights how Organizational Architecture has assisted a Northeast Ohio wholesaler develop a performance management system.

With a new owner and management team, the leadership wanted to ensure that employees knew what was expected of them, and how performance was going to be measured.  A good performance management tool is a great way to ensure that fair and consistent feedback is given to employees. These tools are also helpful when building succession planning systems and development plans.

Working with the new owner and the Chief Financial Officer, we mapped out their needs and got to work. They said:

Our business had been around for over 100 years before we purchased it. We knew it had a great reputation in our industry and had good people. But we also knew that some of our processes needed to be more formal, especially in our processes to guide our employees. We had updated our job descriptions, but we wanted to be able to link them to a performance management system so that we would be consistent in how we provided feedback.


OA has deep experience with performance management systems. They are especially good taking disparate tools like job descriptions, annual reviews, corrective action procedures, development plans, and talent reviews and connecting them together into a system that can be well-communicated, and most importantly, used effectively by staff and managers.  The way they integrate separate processes into easily-understood systems, made it easier for us to start using it.


Additionally, they helped us with updating our compensation system so that we could tie rewards to performance.  Clearly their experience as HR consultants as well as internal HR leaders leads them to recommend systems that will work and have been proven before.  They were immensely helpful as we were getting control of our new business.

OA’s consulting experience is anchored in years of Human Resources leadership.  We understand that in order for things to make sense and be useful, they have to be integrated so that managers can understand and explain not just the what, but the why, to employees.

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