Case study – organizational design

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Case study – organizational design

We had the opportunity to assist one of Cleveland’s premier organizations with an organizational design study in late 2020. OA was contacted to assist the senior management team and Human Resources department with performing a review of one of its departments and provide recommendations on optimizing its structure.

The Head of Operations was our project sponsor. He said:

OA was recommended to us by one our internal staff members based on OA’s diverse Human Resources consulting work in many organizations but especially in multi-location organizations within our industry. Because of a tight timeline to perform the study, we asked them to complete their work so that any changes we make could be implemented in time for the new year.


We asked for OA to provide comparable information on departmental structures for several organizations we deem to be peers in terms of size and scope of operations. They were able to collect this information through research as well as their network of contacts at these organizations.


They performed an analysis of the department’s operations, interviewed staff, and provided their findings and recommendations to help us understand our current state and what opportunities we had to improve structure and assist employees with their growth.


Lastly, they conducted a perception analysis by interviewing the executive team, key users of the department’s services, and members of departments that work alongside this department on a day-in, day-out basis. We wanted to be sure that whatever changes we implement met the needs of our customers and partners within our organization.


Organizational Architecture provided good analysis and recommendations in time for us to make our year-end decisions…we really appreciated their assistance.

If you need assistance with your organization’s structure or have other HR consulting needs, contact us and check out other success stories and case studies to learn more.

Compensation planning for 2022

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Compensation planning for 2022

August to October is generally when we start seeing data on pay budget increases for the following year. A number of consulting organizations conduct surveys and report what organizations plan to do the following year as far and what their pay increase budgets will be, and also what changes they may make to their pay grade midpoints based on changes in market rates.  Planning for 2022 changes is going to look different than previous years because of the COVID pandemic and the tight labor market.

For the past several years, most organizations have been budgeting above 3.00% for their pay increases. Actual pay increases at the employee level will generally vary by performance and other factors.

According to the WorldatWork.org total rewards association, the projected increase rate for 2022 is expected to be 3.30%. Actual increase rates for 2021 were 3.00% and we think that was because these increases were already underway when the pandemic hit.  Organizations that planned for increases later in the year tended to trend lower than this and many did not provide increases at all.

In addition to higher increases we are also seeing organizations decide to pay at premium levels are choosing to match the market at levels higher than the market median [50th percentile].  You may have also experienced your employees leaving your industry to take jobs in others because the pay rates being offered by larger organizations are so much higher than what you have been able to pay.

Base pay is important, but you need to think more broadly about your total rewards strategy, which can include not only cash compensation but generous time-off, a flexible workplace, personal development, and other opportunities. If this is something you haven’t thought about, it might be time to work with an HR consultant to help you draft your compensation philosophy and strategy.

Many of our HR consulting projects involve providing recommendations on effective compensation practices, providing data on compensation benchmarks and best practices to refine your compensation philosophy.  You can find more information on our compensation consulting in our updates and on our website.  If you want to talk to us directly, contact us…we’d love to hear from you!

OA will be at the Ohio Library Council Expo October 13 to 15 2021

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OA will be at the Ohio Library Council Expo October 13 to 15 2021

The 2021 Ohio Library Council Convention and Expo is going to be held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus October 13 to 15, 2021.  OA will attend as an exhibitor and we are excited to be part of this event.

The Ohio Library Council is the statewide professional association which represents the interests of Ohio’s public libraries, their trustees, Friends and staff.  The membership of the OLC is composed of public library systems, library trustees, Friends of the Library groups, library staff members, other library institutions, and library-related commercial vendors.

OA became an Associate Member of OLC in 2019.  After our work helping OLC select its Executive Director, we wanted to deepen our relationship with them because of the valuable resources they provide which helps us become more effective helping our public library clients.

If you will be at the conference, stop by our booth!  We can share how we have helped many of Ohio’s public libraries with Human Resources consulting, recruitment, other Human Resources consulting projects.

Can’t wait until the conference?  Contact us and check out our updates for more information.

OA will be at the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association Annual Conference

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OA will be at the Ohio Government Finance Officers Association Annual Conference

We are looking forward to seeing people in-person again!  We’ll be at the OH GFOA 34th Annual Conference and Membership Meeting on Thursday September 23 2021 at the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza Hotel in Cincinnati Ohio.

The Ohio Government Finance Officers Association [Ohio GFOA] is an organization focused on shared knowledge for effective government.  This organization is for public servants entrusted with protecting taxpayer funds and provides resources to assist in effectively fulfilling this role.

OA works extensively with public sector organizations, from municipalities, regional agencies, and public libraries providing HR consulting, recruiting, and other assistance.  We frequently interact with fiscal officers and finance directors, and this conference is a great way for us to interact with them and learn more about their responsibilities as their organizations’ top finance leaders.  We have been members for the past two years and are happy to support this great organization through our membership and conference participation.

If you will be at the conference, we’d love to meet you!  We can share how we have helped many of Ohio’s public organizations with Human Resources consulting, recruiting and talent acquisition, and fractional HR services.

Can’t wait until the conference?  Contact us and check out our updates for more information.

Case study – small and mid-size business Human Resources Consulting

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Case study – small and mid-size business Human Resources Consulting

Small and mid-size organizations have HR challenges just like larger ones. The challenge can be in making sure that the tools you have to manage your Human Resources activities meet your needs appropriately given your size and other constraints.

We know that many smaller organizations rely on the Google to find tools to help them manage Human Resources.  We find that many of these tools can be useful…up to a point. They can be helpful in getting started, but without a way to ensure they work for you and meet your specific needs, you can end up with a lot of wasted time and effort trying to develop a real HR strategy that helps you effectively attract, motivate, and reward people.

It’s a competitive labor market…we know how hard it is to find and keep employees.  So how does a smaller organization do this effectively? That’s how an HR consultant can help.  Here’s how we helped one of our smaller clients. They said:

We know that Internet can provide us with forms and documents, but we also needed a plan…how to recruit effectively, how to coach and provide feedback, how to help our supervisors become effective leaders, and how to pay people the right way.  Our challenge is we do not have an onsite HR professional, and we don’t have time to develop the expertise needed to do this well.


We partnered with OA because they have the experience in all the HR tactics that need to be implemented, and they are extremely good at pulling it all together.  They also bring the experience of having managed these processes in everything from large companies to smaller organizations, and their solutions fit our needs. For example, they are not only helpful in providing good market data for our base compensation program, they also know and understand how to build commission and bonus programs, and how to use our resources effectively to reward our employees.


They are also good at helping us get the most out of the vendors we already have for payroll, benefits, and other programs. So we don’t necessarily spend more money because we are optimizing the service providers we have.


Just having someone to call to discuss and employee matter and get some good ideas how to resolve it effectively, makes it well-worth having an HR consultant as one of our trusted advisors.

You probably have a relationship with a law firm and accounting firm. Having an HR consulting firm as a partner can help your with your people strategies, and help you capture and keep top talent. Contact us and check out our updates for more helpful resources.

Library Director, Fiscal Officer, and Human Resources leader recruiting

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Library Director, Fiscal Officer, and Human Resources leader recruiting

It has been our privilege to work with a number of public library systems by helping them find their next Library Director, Fiscal Officer, or Human Resources leader.

As these are high-profile and critical positions in your Library, you need a partner with proven library recruiting expertise in sourcing qualified candidates and facilitating the screening and selection process. We bring a unique perspective to our work because we have experience in all Human Resources disciplines as well as recruiting, which means you get:

  • Years of experience recruiting executive-level talent and knowing how to locate and engage with top talent.
  • A sensible approach to engaging with the labor market for talent, whether through our broad network of library and public-sector professionals or using the newest technology tools to connect with talent.
  • Experience working with Library senior management, trustees, and community stakeholders to ensure all constituencies who have input are heard.
  • A diverse pool of talent reflecting the needs of your community, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Guidance on how to develop a job description so that you can clearly convey what the role is about.
  • Accurate compensation data based on our extensive experience benchmarking library positions so that you know what an appropriate compensation package should look like.
  • Providing you with a robust screening and selection process so that you are learning the most about candidates and how they would be successful in the role.
  • Assistance with making the offer, negotiating with the finalist/s, and recommending best practices for orientation and onboarding.
  • Providing tools to set expectations and assist you with coaching and performance management.

Our library clients include

  • Clermont County Public Library
  • Cleveland Public Library
  • Cuyahoga County Public Library
  • Delaware County District Library
  • Stark Library
  • Stow – Munroe Falls Public Library
  • Tiffin – Seneca Public Library
  • Toledo Lucas County Public Library
  • Westerville Public Library
  • Wickliffe Public Library
  • Ohio Library Council

We understand libraries’ unique workplace dynamics, trends in librarianship, the challenges libraries face, and what the future holds.  We are members of the American Library Association/Public Library Association [ALA/PLA], Ohio Library Council [OLC], Michigan Library Association [MLA], Ohio Government Finance Officers Association [OHGFOA], and the International Public Management Association for Human Resources [IPMA-HR].

To have an exploratory conversation to understand our process and experience with library recruiting and answer your questions, take a look at our success stories, and then contact us!

Recruiting success stories

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Recruiting success stories

Over the years we have successfully led recruiting efforts for our clients.

We wanted to share some of them with you…follow the links to learn about some of these projects.

These are just a few examples of the recruiting work we have done for our clients over the years.

Whether you need help find that special person, or just need an advisor to help you make your recruiting strategies and processes more efficient and effective, we can help.

Want to learn more? Contact us to learn how we can help with your recruiting and talent acquisition needs.

Employment Opportunity – Social Impact Strategist

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Employment Opportunity – Social Impact Strategist

We are helping our client [and friends!] at Sangfroid Strategy find their next Social Impact Strategist.

The Social Impact Strategist supports the strategy and implementation project-based consulting portfolio for nonprofit and philanthropic customers in Cleveland, Ohio and across the United States to build their capacity.

In this role you will help with:

  • Nonprofit strategy development
  • Strategy and implementation
  • Building internal strategy development structure
  • Communications, presentations, and workshops
  • General project support

Interested? Click on the link to learn more and share your experience and why you would be a great fit.  They have a great culture, competitive pay and benefits, and many opportunities to learn and grow…personally and professionally.

We are glad to help our clients with their recruitment needs. If you would like to know more about our recruitment and strategies to attract and retain talent, contact us to learn how we can help.