Barriers to employee motivation

Barriers to employee motivation

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Time-proven facts note that not every employee can be motivated in the same way. A successful manager will consider this fact as interactions occur each day with employees and customers. You hold the key to the atmosphere within your organization. Motivated employees can do things they never thought possible because of dedication to you and the organization.

Initially, you must be aware of internal and external motivation inhibitors in order to minimize the negative impact of each.

Internal motivational inhibitors may include:

  • Change
  • Fear of discipline
  • Expectations that are not clearly communicated
  • Fear of failure
  • Boredom/laziness
  • Unachievable goals

External motivational inhibitors may include lack or absence of:

  • Recognition
  • Trust
  • Communication
  • Training
  • Appropriate resources
  • Understanding performance expectations
  • Cooperation of other team members
  • A sense of importance
  • Opportunities for advancement or personal development
  • Performance feedback
  • Goals or direction
  • Equitable compensation

Once specific inhibitors have been identified, strive to address and minimize them.

Please note that money is not the #1 motivator for everyone! Different things will motivate your staff members. It is up to you to discover what motivational triggers apply to each employee.

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