A word about COVID

A word about COVID

By on Aug 25, 2020 in Blog, COVID-19 |

As many of you know I was pretty sick with COVID [seven days in the hospital, bilateral pneumonia, fever for fourteen days, etc.] . As far as I know I am unlikely to get it again. My plasma is tested for antibodies when I donate convalescent plasma and five-plus months out from being sick I still have the antibodies present. I am unsure if I can carry and transmit it even if it does not make me ill.

So I decided to volunteer as a poll worker. I want to suggest that if you are not high risk or already had it, have work flexibility, and want to be an active participant in making the Nov 3 election run as smoothly as possible, you do so as well.

I was pleased to find out that not only have several of you decided to do so as well, but in my home county they have had record numbers of people volunteering to work the polls. 

Also, in my county [Cuyahoga County Ohio] you get paid to be a poll worker, which I did not realize when I signed up.  If you are concerned about losing a day’s wages, your county may also pay poll workers.  Where I live it is $250 and entails time the night before to set up and then a long day on election day.

You may end up getting sick regardless, but at least it was for helping democracy.

Take care, and thank you for volunteering.