5 tips to increase staff satisfaction and retain talent in a competitive market

5 tips to increase staff satisfaction and retain talent in a competitive market

By on Feb 19, 2023 in Best Practices, Blog, HR Consulting, Human Resources consulting |

Compensation may not be equally important to everyone. There are generational differences in the workforce, with the younger generations valuing items such as professional development more than the older generations. A key to universally increase staff satisfaction is to enhance the employee value proposition [EVP] by developing, implementing, and communicating more well-rounded employer benefits.

The Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM] defines EVP as part of an employer’s branding strategy that represents everything of value that the employer has to offer its employees. Items such as pay, benefits and career development are common, but employers also highlight offerings that are currently in demand—like technology, remote work and flexible scheduling.

Here are 5 tips to help your organization increase staff satisfaction to retain talent in a competitive market:

  1. Provide professional development training opportunities to improve skills and create clear career paths and opportunities for advancement within the organization.
  2. Promote employee wellness programs and resources and consider an Employee Assistance Program [EAP].
  3. Encourage flexible work arrangements.
  4. Foster a positive and supportive work culture and be open to constructive feedback. Be sure to follow up with actions to show you have heard your staff.
  5. Be a coach and mentor, provide guidance and support, and help employees develop the skills needed for their current role and future roles.

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