Talent Acquisition

One of the most critical activities will be defining the profiles of the people who will fulfill the various roles in the firm. Profiling focuses not only on the technical skills and experience necessary for the job, but also includes the specific required competencies [action-oriented, drive for results, listening, etc] that are either present in the employee or can be developed in the employee.

These profiles are typically similar within three categories of employees [senior manager, mid-level manager, and single contributor/professionals]. However, they do vary by firm and job. A careful analysis of necessary competencies must be done, and the process must be fully informed by an understanding of the firm’s strategy and culture.

Some of the elements related to Talent Acquisition include:

  • Competency Assessment
  • Job Analysis and Pricing
  • Executive Search Process
  • Mid-Level Manager/Professional Search Process
  • Hourly/Administrative Search Process
  • Interviewing Processes
  • Background Checks
  • Behavioral and Other Tests
  • New Hire On-Boarding and Orientation